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Posted by STEVE M on

After 20 years of selling on-line, I thought that I had seen everything  and that nothing I could experience could "beggar belief".
Imagine my surprise when earlier today a high-flying 'counselor & litigator' - (this is a Yank speak euphamism for an incompetent member of the legal profession)  accused me of only sending two, rather than three bakelite knobs for an Ekco A22 receiever, yes, the fabled round Ekco!
After challenging this surprising accusation, without further apology he went on to say, that following my challenge which acted as  a prompt he had checked the garbage and found the missing knob......... 
Who was this legal  genius I hear you cry, well,  at least it wasn't her.........>>>>>>
If any of my customers find themselves in the Big Apple in need of legal representation then do get in touch and I'll send you a copy of Janet & John go to Law School

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