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These are the latest discovery for audiophile applications with many users claiming a spacious airy sound when compared to the 5U4G  The 5R4GY is a high voltage power rectifier and was designed for transmitter use. It has a rating of 180 Watts. The maximum reservoir capacitor is specified at 4 µF and the rectifier needs a series resistance of 250 Ω to limit peak current.

Indeed this lovely rectifier has found usage in such classic esoteric designs as:-  

Cary CAD300SE Signature,

Emotive Audio Sira linestage

Woo Audio WA22

World Audio Design 300B PSE,

Here are a few vital statistics for you to match to your requirements. 

5R4GY=5V Filament @ 2A,

PIV=2800V @ Imax=150ma,

PIV=2400V @ Imax=175ma,

PIV=2100V @ Imax=250ma

Tube V drop = 67V @ 250mA DC

5R4GY CV717