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The GZ34 is a high current bi-phasic rectifier having a squat envelope profile.  These devices are indrectly heated with the cathode tied to one side of the heater filament and powered from a grounded centre tapped transformer as each anode goes positive, current flows with rectification occurring at each half cycle with the product being full wave rectified HT.

This device is the rectifier of choice for so many classic valve hifi and guitar amplifiers it is hard to know where to start a list – Dynaco, Leak, Vox, the list goes on, but here we have a list of exotica where the GZ34 does duty:-

Cary PH302 phono
Donald North headphone amp
Dr. Z Z-28 (6V6 amp)
Dynaco ST-120 (ST120)
Dynaco ST-70
Fender guitar - various
Marshall guitar - various
Matchless Chieftan
Matchless Lightning 15
Matchless SC30
Melody H2A Integrated Amp
Modwright LS100
Modwright PS and 9.0 preamp
Pagano 300B SET
Prima Luna PL3 preamp
Scott LK-48
Supratek - various
Swart Atomic Junior
Trinity TC-15
Tubelab SE
Victoria Double Deluxe Tweed
Victoria Regal 2
VOX AC15, AC30
Woo Audio 6