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I had a nice e-mail from Wutan asking about the codes, which designate what class or usage an item is for along with a unique identifier.  The prefix  being the usage class and the suffix being the unique identifier so, as others may be wondering, here they all are: -

4A = Workshop Equipment
4C = Airfield Equipment
4F = Air Compressors and Servicing Trolleys
4G = Aircraft Servicing and Ground handling Equipment
4K = General Ground Equipment (including Refuelling Equipment)
4N = Sparking Plug Testing and Servicing Equipment
4FZ = Air Compressor Spares

5A = Ground Lighting and Miscellaneous Equipment
5B = Aircraft Wiring Assemblies
5CW = Aircraft Electrical Switches, Switchboxes, Relays and Accessory Items
5CX = Aircraft Electrical Lamps, Indicators, Lampholders and Accessory Items
5CY = Aircraft Electrical Plugs, Sockets, Circuit Markers, Suppressors and Accumulator Cut-outs
5CZ = Aircraft Electrical Miscellaneous Stores
5D = Aircraft Armament Electrical Stores
5E = Cable and Wire Electrical Stores
5F = Insulating Materials Electrical Stores
5G = Special Ground Equipment
5H = Standard Wiring System
5J = Batteries Primary and Secondary
5K = Electrical A.G.S and Bonding Stores
5L = Electric Lamps
5P = Ground Charging, Transforming Equipment and Motors
5Q = Ammeters, Micro-ammeters, Milli-ammeters, Voltmeters and Milli-voltmeters
5S = Strip Wiring Components
5UA = Aircraft Engine and Air Driven Electrical Current Producing Equipment and Spares
5UB = Aircraft Electrically Driven Electrical Current Producing and Transforming Equipment and Spares
5UC = Aircraft Electrical Current Control Equipment and Spares
5UD = Aircraft Electrical Motors, Blowers and Spares
5UE = Aircraft Electrically Driven Pumps, Accessories and Spares
5V = Aircraft Electrical Domestic Equipment
5W = Aircraft Electrical Actuators, Accessories and Spares
5X = Component Parts of Wiring Assemblies

6A = Aircraft Engine and Flying Instruments, Accessories and Spares
6B = Aircraft Navigation Equipment, Accessories and Spares
6C = Instrument Test Equipment, Tools, Accessories and Unit Equipment Spares
6D = Aircraft Gaseous Apparatus and Ancillary Equipment
6E = Miscellaneous Instruments, Accessories and Unit Servicing Spares
6F = Aircraft Personnel Equipment
6H = Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Marks 4 and 8, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
6J = Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Types A3 and A3A and A.L.1, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
6S = Automatic Stabilisers, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
6T = Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Marks 9, 10, 10A, 13, SEP 2, 14 and 17, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
6W = Instrumemnt Ancillaries to Radio Equipment
6Z = Radio activity Detection Equipment and Accessories, Unit and Major Servicing Spares

9 = Bomb and Torpedo Sights
9A = Aircraft Towed Target Gear
9B = Armament Ground Instructional Equipment

10A = Miscellaneous Radio (Wireless) Equipment
10AB = Miscellaneous Radio (Radar) Equipment
10AC = Unassembled Items peculiar to Radio with Generic Headings similar to those in Sections 28 and 29
10AD = Items and Assemblies performing Circuit Functions (Nomenclature commencing Letters A-K)
10AD = Items and Assemblies performing Circuit Functions (Nomenclature commencing Letters L-Z)
10AF = Calculating, Indicating and Measuring Equipment
10AG = Tools and Tool Boxes peculiar to Radio
10AH = Telephone Head Equipment, Microphones and Receivers
10AJ = Mountings and their Component Parts
10AK = Dials, Handles, Knobs,Plates, Escutcheon, Pointers, Pressbuttons and Scales
10AL = Screens and Insulating Components and their Assemblies
10AM = Labels (Radio)
10AP = Boxes, Cases, Covers and Trays, other Cases, Transit
10AQ = Furniture, Tentage, textile Materials and Ventilator Equipment, peculiar to Radio
10AR = Machinery, Machine and Mechanical Parts other than those in Section 10AC
(Nomenclature commencing Letters A-K)
10AR = Machinery, Machine and Mechanical Parts other than those in Section 10AC
(Nomenclature commencing Letters L-Z)
10AT = Windows and Visors
10AU = Strip Metallic
10B = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Aerial and Mast Equipment and Insulators
10BB =Radio (Radar) Aerial and Mast Equipment and Insulators
10C = radio Chokes, Capacitors and Inductors (see also Joint-Service Catalogue)
10CV = Joint Service Common Valves
10D = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Equipment, Modulators, Panels, Receivers, Transmitters etc.
10DB = Radio (Radar) Equipment, panels, Power Units, Racks, Receivers and Transmitters
10E = Magnets and Radio Valves (Industrial Types)
10F = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Starters and Switch Gear
10FB = Radio (radar) starters and Switch Gear
10G = Ground Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
10GP = Ground Telephone and Telegraph Equipment - Post Office Pattern
10H = Radio Connectors, Discs Indicating, Fuses, Leads, Plugs and Sockets and Ancillary Parts, Holders and Terminals.
10HA = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Connectors, Cords Instrument and Leads
10J = Radio Remote Controls
10K = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Power Units and Transformers
10KB = Radio (Radar) Power Units and Transformers
10L = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Control Units
10LB = Radio (Radar) Control Units
10P = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Filter and Receiver Units
10PB =Radio (Radar) Filter and Receiver Units
10Q = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Indicating Units
10QB = Radio (Radar) Indicating Units
10R = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Transmitter Units
10RB =Radio (Radar) Transmitter Units
10S = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Test Equipment
10SB = Radio (Radar) Test Equipment
10T = Radio Monitors and Wavemeters
10U = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Amplifying Units, Loudspeakers and Sound Reproduction Equipment
10UB = Radio (Radar) Amplifying Units and Loudspeakers
10V = Radio (Wireless and Radar) Oscillator Units
10VB = Radio (Radar) Oscillator Units
10W = Radio Resistors and miscellaneous Spares
10X = Radio Crystal Units
10Y = Cases Transit (general Radio purposes)

11A = Aircraft Bomb Gear
11C = Rocket Projector Gear

12A= Bombs (Live)
12B= Bombs (Dummy)
12C= Ammunition
12E = Torpedoes
12F= Misc. Armament

13 = Drawing Instruments

14A = Cameras
14B = Photographic Processing Equipment, Enlargers and Accessories
14C = Projection, Assessing Apparatus and Epidiascopes
14H = Photographic Test Apparatus

15A = Man-carrying Parachutes
15C = Equipment-dropping and Sea-rescue Apparatus
15D = Air Sea Rescue and Equipment, and Supply-dropping Parachutes

22C = Flying Clothing & Equipment

25A = Propellors
25B = Aircraft Radiators
25D = Spinners for Fixed Pitch Propellers and Fairey Spares for Metal Propellers

27A = Aircraft Wheel Equipment
27B = Aircraft Air and Oil Filters, Fuel and Oil Coolers
27C = Survival Equipment
27D = Miscrellaneous Aircraft Cover Equipment
27F = Aircraft Pumps and fuelling Equipment (Airborne)
27G = Aircraft Brake System Equipment
27H = Miscellaneous Aircraft Equipment
27J = Aircraft Control Handles with Gun, Camera, R.P. and Brake Operating Mechanisms
27K = Teleflex Aircraft Remote Control Equipment
27KA = Exactor Aircraft Remote Control Equipment
27KB = Aircraft Controls - Roller Chains
27KD = Pressurised Cabin Equipment - Normalair
27M = Aircraft Hydraulic and Undercarriage Equipment - Lockheed
27N = Airborne Fire Fighting Equipment
27R = B.L.G. Oleo Leg Equipment
27S = Standard Ball and Roller Bearings other than M.T.
27T = Controllable Gills
27U = Airborne Heaters
27UA = Aircraft Cabin Cooling Equipment
27V = Aircraft Controls - Teddington
27VA = Aircraft Controls - Dunlop
27VC = Aircraft Controls - Palmers
27W = Aircraft Hydraulic and Undercarriage Equipment, Standard Design
27WW = Aircraft Windscreen Wiper Equipment
27Z = Turner Duplex Hand Pumps for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
27ZA = Exactor Self Sealing Couplings

28D = Bolts A.G.S.
28E = Clips A.G.S.
28F = Couplings A.G.S.
28FP = Aircraft Fastner and Quick Release Pins
28G = Eyebolts A.G.S.
28H = Ferrules A.G.S.
28J = Filler Caps and Fuel Filters A.G.S.
28K = Fork Joints A.G.S.
28L = Locknuts, Lockwashers A.G.S.
28M = Nuts A.G.S.
28N = A.G.S. Miscellaneous A to O
28P = Pins A.G.S.
28Q = Rivets A.G.S.
28R = A.G.S. Miscellaneous P to R
28S = Screws A.G.S. Miscellaneous A to O
28T = Studs A.G.S.
28U = Trunnions and Turnbuckles A.G.S.
28V = Unions A.G.S.
28W = Washers A.G.S.
28X = Wire A.G.S.
28Y = A.G.S. Miscellaneous S to Z

29A = Bolts and Nuts, General Hardware
29B = Screws, General Hardware
29C = Eyelets, Roves, Screw Cups, Washers, General Hardware
29E = Pins, Woodruff Keys, General Hardware
29F = Rivets, General Hardware

40H = Gun Turret Cases and Airtight Containers

50A = Aircraft Gun Turrets
50CC = Boulton Paul Gun Turret and Gun Mounting Tools
50DD = Bristol Gun Turret Tools
50EE = Frazer Nash Gun Turret Tools
50H = Aircraft Gun Turret Maintenance Equipment
50J = Free Gun Mountings

52 = Recognition Models

54A = Plotting Equipment

71B = Plants (Mobile, Transportable and Static) and Plant Accessories

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