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Don't you just love this highly instructive block diagram of how a television works, dating from 1965.  Black & White in those days too as in the UK we didn't have regular colour transmission for another three years.  And.. the subject matter is very interesting too  as it's The Black & White Minstrels, probably chosen as the picture shows... black, white and grey. 

The Black and White Minstrel Show was a British light entertainment show that ran on BBC television from 1958 to 1978 as well as being a theatre stage show.  The format was  a weekly light entertainment variety show that presented traditional American country songs, as well as show tunes whilst  blacked up and wearing lavish costumes. 

Today of course, if someone were to do something similar, they would have to resign as Chairman of the Board from their company and have their face taken down from their product logo - I'm just glad that Mullard Magic doesn't sell pizzas, there again, a facsimile of my face wouldn't do much for product placement either!!!!!

Never mind about that though,  I have decided to object to Japan's Noh plays and Geisha girls as I suspect they are racially mocking and demeaning Mr Mullard Magic with their appalling displays of whiteface - you can tell in the picture below, that one in the middle front row has a self satisfied smirk as well.

Anyhow, enough of this blogging lark as I need to give myself over to a display righteous indignation and hysterical affront thereby aligning myself in mein  to the precious Generation Snowflake as I consider this continued offence by Noh and Geishas!!!!!      I am sure Chuck Palahniuk would weep tears of blood alongside me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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