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We had an interesting case in the workshop over the weekend, a Philips Monoknob from 1936 with a squeaky Bowdon cable control.  Now these as some of you will be aware are tricky.  We've gone hi-tech here at Mullard Magic none of this 3 in 1 stuff, instead, I reached for my handy dry slide spray et voila, squeak sorted.   You too can get similar results by using the same wonder product I do so without further ado, here are the details of what you need to ask for from your friendly supplier: - 



FUKKOL PTFE DRI-SLIDE SPRAY & MOULD RELEASE AGENT is designed to give fast, efficient and clean release with faithful reproduction of the mould profile however complex the mould or minute the detail. Suitable for use on all plastic and rubber mould tools including injection, compression and blow mouldings. 

Penetrates and spreads to all parts of the most intricate moulds to give full, clean release whilst the dry film will not affect profiles or interfere with precision fits. Applied film has excellent adhesion, is non-staining, will not transfer to product and can be safely used without fear of blemish or any adverse effect on subsequent finishing operations.

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