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I thought you might all like to so see this stirring advertisement from 1943, a time when our imperilled nation faced the threat of a jackboot on our neck from a certain corner of Europe. Just look at the headline message here  which is that stability and a sure constant from both leadership in the form of central government signified by the Houses of Parliament and also for our electrical instruments is essential.

Many of you will have heard the old saying that "History repeats itself" which is a paraphrasing of the actual words of George Santayana, a Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist whose precise prose was "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."   

Many of us will actually recognise this statement as one of life's truisms and in this case, history did repeat itself fairly recently too:-

Who were Advance Components I hear you ask, well, the company was founded in 1932 and went on to grow through the War years.  Post War, electronics engineers cut their teeth in trade and service using many of Advance's products, their ubiquitous signal generators being seen in almost every electronics workshops - who of a certain age in our hobby has not seen, heard of or used the Advance Type E/E2 from 1952 or even its battleship build predecessor, the B4.

Advance changed their company name to Advance Electronics in 1964 and continued their manufacture of stabilised power solutions, signal generators and other electronic instrumentation before being taken over by the Gould Corporation of Chicago in 1974.

If perchance the sword of Damocles was held over this sceptred isle of Great Britain once again, we unfortunately no longer have Advance Components to remind us of what is essential having gravitated instead to the sagacity of social media as our moral compass.

Equally as Nero fiddled with his cithara as Rome burned alas, today, we can take comfort from the hashtag being mightier than the sword and posted photos of beautiful breakfasts on Instagram being the bulwark of our defence of the Realm -  How utterly reassuring.......


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