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Posted by STEVE M on

I just love this advertisement from 1926 by Ediswan: -

We tend to think of "oldies" not embracing technology as a relatively new phenomenon but here we have the proof that nearly 100 years ago, the situation was just the same.   

It really puts me in mind of the time when myself and Mrs Mullard bought a new Samsung 3D telly - not because we wanted the 3D function but because we loved its aesthetics.    The problem was, we didn't know how to switch the 3D function off.  Our (at the time) 10 year old nephew Mikey huffed, demanded "Uncle Steve, give me the remote!" and proceeded to intuitively whilst at lightning speed to return the TV display to an unblurred 2D image whilst two PhD scientists of some eminence and with Fellow and Chartered status looked on, agog with astonishment.


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