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Posted by STEVE M on

Here we see in happier times, a large poster proclaiming DON'T BLAME THE BBC!    Whatever for as Jimmy Saville was just a lad playing with his Dinky toy (ooo-eeer) at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In actual fact it's a Mullard poster at the Northern Radio Show of 1952 telling visitors that they mustn't blame the BBC for poor radio performance as it may be a failing valve that has robbed their set of sparkle.   

Interestingly enough, do you see the cartoon characters on the poster? ..... do they look familiar? ...... well, if you are a fan of St Trinian's (I am sure our Jimmy was!!!!) then indeed they  should do as they were penned by none other than Ronald Searle, the famous satirical cartoonist and creator of the St Trinian's schoolgirls.   Owzabout that then!


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