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Today's quaint photograph from the Mullard archive shows the frontage of the Mullard Publicity Office & Display Centre on Gerard Place, Westminster London.   Note the presence of a stolid member of the Corps of Commissionaires.  This presence was a throwback to the war years where Philips personnel were banned from Mullard facilities because of their potential damage to national security.  Today of course this would abrogate their human rights for which they would be given a council house, a kiss from Jeremy Corbyn and a substantial cash settlement as damages.

The Corps of Commissionaires was founded in 1859 by Captain Sir Edward Walter KCB (1823-1904). Walter was the first to find an effective remedy to provide jobs for ex-servicemen who were willing and able to work after the Crimean War and is the  oldest security company in the world. Currently trading as 'Corps Security', the head of the company has always been the British monarch. This tradition began with Queen Victoria and continues through to the present day with Queen Elizabeth II. In 2009, the Corps celebrated its 150th anniversary with a reception hosted at St James's Palace by HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at which 48 commissionaires formed a guard of honour.

For those of you who may have the interest in visiting Mullard hallowed ground when you next find yourself in Westminster then you can visit the site of the offices shown above, today, it's a rather nice Chinese restaurant and as you can see, we do indeed live in a (brave) new world...........: -

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