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Mullard Antiques Vintage Lighting

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Here at Mullard Magic and Mullard Antiques, we are always on the look out for eclectic design and our range of vintage lighting is no exception!

We have some fantastic, and unique, pieces from the machine age.

And Space Age: doesn’t this look like the Apollo 11 Space command module or a prototype for John Wyndham’s Triffid?

1950s Atomic Age Red Plastic & Brass Small Table Lamp

We also love vintage angled lamps, which are great for offices, craftwork, hobby lights, and bedside lamps! Made from great hunks of stone, metal, bakelite or plastic, and dating from the 1930s to the 1990s, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Here are just a small selection:-

I mentioned that some of the lamps are made from stone, but they are not from Fred and Wilma Flintstone‘s home in Bedrock, but they could be! This lamp base, below, is made from the, predominantly green, Cornish Serpentine mineral rock “Lizardite.”

Serpentine is a mineral rock comprising magnesium, iron and silicate. Lizardite, was named after it was found at The Lizard, a peninsula in Cornwall, UK. Although predominantly green, Cornish Serpentine also contains veins of red and can be polished until it resembles marble. It is still traditionally hand crafted by Cornish artisans to create a wealth of beautiful objects; from lighthouses to jewellery, and door stops to table lamp bases! Serpentine was at its most popular during Victorian times, particularly in the Kynance area of Cornwall. Today, only 5 craftsmen remain.

Why not have your own “Mad Men” inspired office lamp like this 1950s US made gooseneck “Flexarm“? It was made by the Art Speciality Co, which was established in 1932 and based in Chicago, USA. This type of lamp was used extensively in U.S offices and government establishments; think Mad Men and 1950s Police departments! 

Vintage Flexarm Art Speciality Co. Chicago Desk Fluorescent Task Lamp

1950s Linolite 

Above, is quite a rare desk angled clamp lamp made by the British company, Linolite. Linolite Ltd, was established in 1914 and based at The Mill Works, Malmesbury, Wiltshire with a London office in Bishopsgate. The company specialised in filament strip lights (for displays and shaving lamps) with the most notable use being in the Tate gallery, UK.

1950s Hanau Bakelite Desk Task Lamp

This rare 1950s Hanau (Heraeus/ Sollux) UV Medical Tanning Lamp has been repurposed as a desk lamp. (Well, it did have a Radium bulb in it!). It was made by Hanau, based at Hanau (near Frankfurt), Germany which still makes tanning lamps to this day. It has a wonderful Bauhaus, Art Deco, design and copious use of Bakelite.

Or why not invest in something more contemporary like this 1990s Anglepoise lamp?

Or a more traditional Herbert Terry Vintage Anglepoise like this original 1950s yellow 1227 model?

1950s Yellow 1227 Anglepoise Herbert Terry Desk Lamp

1950s Yellow 1227 Anglepoise Herbert Terry Desk Lamp 

Or a lovingly refurbished 1960s version:

Vintage Anglepoise 1227 Blue & Polished Aluminium 1960s Desk Lamp With Blue Flex 

And this task lamp, made by EDL, has a magnifying head and is in wonderful original condition. It even comes with its original box! Not bad for something from the 1940s! EDL Lighting Ltd is a long established, lighting manufacturer, starting business from their factory showroom in Birmingham in 1922 and still in operation today, supplying specialised lighting solutions for the industrial and healthcare industries.

We love industrial lamps and lighting too! Just take a look at this selection!

Bakelite art deco black and white globe table lamp


Vintage Hanovia Bikini Floor Sun Lamp


We do like to try and keep our pieces as original as possible but, If necessary, each piece is cleaned, polished and rewired to make it compliant with modern Health and Safety Requirements. We also add energy efficient bulbs in a style in keeping with the particular light. It is then electrically PAT (portable appliance) tested, using a Seaward Europa PAT tester, prior to sale.

All in all, this lighting should be good for the next 20-100 years with a little judicious loving care from its next caretaker owner.

We have lots of vintage lighting, including standard lamps, in the process of being primped and cleaned. Being an avid collector of eclectic lamps, my main problem is persuading Mr Mullard Magic to part with some of his collection! After all, how many lamps does one person need!

Please click on the following link to see our current range of vintage lamps and lighting accessories.

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