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Just been shopping and stood behind some idiot at the checkout and had to endure overhearing a banal conversation whilst the poor harried shop assistant was waiting for the little darling to pack and pay.    Mobile phones - what a curse - sometimes I wish I went around with a 800 - 1300MHz white noise generator!!!!!

Imagine my surprise when I then came across this wonderful photo from 1979:-

I do believe that this is Michael Rodd extolling the virtues of the latest elec-trickery invented by those clever people at Marconi Laboratories in Chelmsford. What we have here is a GEC handset ( inspired by the TSR 8203 = BT Genie) married to a Marconi RC505 PMR radio handset. Although rather passe to us now in the 21st century this radio-telephone had one novel feature that I think is missing in today's mobile phones, an automatic call ending after 3 minutes to prevent saturation and wastage of the airwaves.

Of course, Marconi were quite at the forefront of radiotelephone design and manufacture:-

Back in the day, you either had to be immensely strong to use such advanced technology:-

And also, have the compulsory, strange haircut:-

Seemingly, today, there are no special requirements to use a mobile phone and it seems to be a socially accepted norm to use them anywhere - I must remember this the next time I have an attack of the screaming puckkalucks and divert my attention by "phoning a friend." 

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