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I recently met Steve Burke - Hare who is a Mortuary Manager and Medical Enbalmer with a penchant for valves.   Steve has engaged the talent of Monika, a Polish tattoo artist working from a studio in Macclesfield to illustrate his devotion to the thermionic cult.    

Here you can see Monika at work and Mrs. Mullard Magic is a little in awe of Monika as she likes the idea of ladies inflicting pain and discomfort on a man: - 

And now, you can see the fruits of her labours and I think you will agree, the results, in startling clarity, detail and colour are both beautifully executed and very impressive indeed: -

I remarked to Mrs. Mullard Magic rather smugly that I might get a valve tattoo done on some part of my body,  but then decided perhaps not as with my being a stickler for detail, I wouldn't like to make a KT66 look like an 813.  

Quick as a flash she retorted, " More like making an ECC83 look like a 956 acorn!."  Thus humiliated, that was an end to that particular idea, dejectedly, I am destined to remain unadorned.

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