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Posted by STEVE M on

Well, today's the day the first extended deadline for leaving the EU was proposed.   I am not going to comment about the current Brexit machinations but instead will reference this quaint advertisement by Cossor from April 1953:-

Let's go back a month and something pivotal and fundamental certainly happened in March 1953, yes, sausage rationing ended - I kid you not.

So, what happened in April 1953 then?  Well,  Prime Minister, Winston Churchill got his Knighthood, Ian Fleming published his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale in the UK and Francis Crick and James Watson publish "Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids; A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid" which proposed their dual-helix structure of DNA whilst rather turdily ignoring the unpublished yet vast contribution of Rosalind Franklin's work.

Moving on to other sneaky, dodgy dealing, whilst Cossor equipped technicians were sminkling about in the bowels of the House of Commons, all sorts of things were happening upstairs, generally with most of the House trying to think of ways to oust their Prime Minister - no change there then, ministers and MPs are still up to their same venal games today some 66 years later!!!!!!!!

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