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Posted by STEVE M on

I was saddened to hear that there is both a pestilence afflicting the tech savvy "Snowflake" generation and a lifestyle hazard that is leading to their untimely demise and you can see both in the following photograph: - 

When "Ah worr a lad" growing up in Yorkshire, we unwillingly went to school in winter unwilling on two counts, one we didn't want to go out in the cold and two we didn't want to go out wearing a lime green bobble hat or a bright orange balaclava.  Today, things have moved on and little snowflakes everywhere go about their business having chosen from a cornucopia of silly hats to wear and not ones donated by Great Aunt Freda, knitted with the recycled crimpeline yarn from an old tank top (- hair raising in more than one way and you need to be "of an age to" understand this), oh no, they are actually spending their disposable income on them to make themselves look like a radio component (hint - one you use to turn the volume up)!!!!!!

So, that's the pestilence dealt with, the lifestyle hazard is the in ear phone attached headphones blasting out Coldplay so the poor little nomophobic numpties cannot hear doom impending in the form of a kinetic missile shaped like a lorry, bus or corporation dustcart as they skip into the road without looking, awww, bwess.....    Hmmm, maybe the Darwinian concept of natural selection isn't such a bad thing after all.........

Anyhow, things were much better in 1924 as no-one had a smart phone and they had to make do with "Head Telephones" as the following advert shows:-

As we all know, head telephones were tethered at best to a portable receiver the size and weight of a suitcase with two weeks worth of clothes in so it was unlikely that a listener would lug this ensemble around.   Add to this the fact that horseless carriages were quite scarce, Sentinel steam wagons were very noisy and other commercial vehicles were slow, you were more likely to be shouldered aside by a Dobbin hauled milk cart than be run over. Ahhh, for the return of the good old days..........



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