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Posted by STEVE M on

As a woke bloke and an ex Professor Emeritus of Gender Policy & Sexual Violence, I was disturbed by the recent gender sterotypification  shown by Bozzas's Covid 19 awareness campaign.

But this is nothing new even in the world of radio as the advert from a leading 1932 radio magazine shows:-

Here are a few more adverts from days of yore that concern me, firstly there's this, honestly, 'yawning at the table' seems to be a greater crime than 'farting in bed', how times change:-

Then there's this one, my Mother in Law, the Honourable Dowager Duchess June would like this as she's always going next door to see  Mike & Margaret to get screw tops removed  from bottles, corks pulled from bottles of Lambrini and ring tabs from cans of Special Brew as her teeth aren't up to it anymore:-

Finally, how about this one which reminds me of when I brought Mrs Mullard Magic a Kitchen Aid mixer and she was  seriously nonplussed, the ungrateful minx:-

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