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Don't you just love this wonderful advert from 1931 which should surely pre-date that hackneyed audio term "Woofer" with the quaint name "Wufa."  And just look at the testimonial....." My Wufa was found to be the winner and I delivered a lecture as to its merits!...."  Absolutely priceless... and even more amazing this manufacturer followed this paragon of speaker excellence with an improved model called the Wufta.  Interestingly, they never improved this second model to make and market a "Woofta," which is a shame.

Woofer is the term for a driver designed to produce  low frequency sounds, typically from 40Hz up to 500 Hz. The name is from the onomatopoeic  English word for a dog's bark, "woof""  The most common design for a woofer is the electrodynamic driver, which typically uses a stiff paper cone attached to a solid frame and driven by a coil suspended within a magnetic field such that when current flows through the voice coil it causes the coil to push or pull on the driver cone in a piston-like way. This pistonic motion hence produces audible sound waves.

Wufa is also the acronym for the Windsor University Faculty Association. this is Windsor, Ontario Canada mind.

Wufta is a slang word for someone with a large frame i.e. quite porky.


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