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Yesterday I had a reminder of why I enjoy running Mullard Magic so much.   I had a call from Rob who needed some capacitors but was really bothered about exact size and shaping rather than capacitance and working voltage .   Not wanting to be rude by asking what he needed them for, I said we'd have a rummage and see what we could find for him.  As our conversation progressed, he admitted the reason for him being cagey which was that some vintage component vendors had been nasty and refused to sell capacitors to Rob as he as going to destroy them!!!!!!!!  Obviously he'd spoken to one of the rabid numpties that believe that every woodworm raddled poxy 1950s radiogram should be restored and worshiped.

No such problem for me though, a bit of fun with a steel rule and voila, 31 MetalMite 0.005uF 175V capacitors were soon on their way to their new owner - job done -  and we've helped out another customer.

What I could in no way have imagined is the use they were being put to for Rob is a precision scale modeller making high grade replicas of Star Wars vehicles and equipment.  The capacitors will be used as components in an Imperial Stormtroopers E11 rifle and Empire detention block (where Han Solo was incarcerated) power cylinders - I think that is absolutely marvellous and I feel priveleged to help out a customer for a non electronic usage for one of our products.............

According to plan, will become ...............

And here's  Rob, tooled up with one he made earlier........

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