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Posted by STEVE M on

Now then, stand to attention as it is time for you to take your medicine!  The Mullard Magic nurse has just published an article in The Lancet citing irrefutable proof that buying items from the Mullard Magic website is good for MY health so please, do more buying - tee hee.     

Seriously though, we at Mullard Magic are proud to have supplied items to help a very keen group of 1940s re-enactors in their quest for originality not only in dress and accoutrements but also in the subject of their re-enactment - their wartime wedding re-enactment is not to be missed so why not find out more about Nurse R, who although a Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detatchment nurse is currently serving with the SOE on hush hush work.    Her husband, an RAF fighter pilot at Tangmere confided in me that she knows 17 ways to silently kill a man using only her bare hands and a bedpan.

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