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Posted by STEVE M on

What do you think about the marketing strategy used in the early 1930's - would you like to see my undys?     I used a similar line with Mrs Mullard to great success ( Undys = undies = knickers = chuddies = underpants = foundation wear)  and here we are, 30 years later still blissfully married........

I wonder how many people though it was a jolly wheeze to go into their local radio retailer and ask for a demonstration?

Anyhow, a little digression here, for those whose interests have been piqued we have undies of another kind for your delectation and yes, these catalytic oxidation atomic blast proof chuddies are STILL on sale at this outfitters even as you sit reading this blog entry.  Capable of providing both the inguinal area and your armpits an insulated warm glow they are, it must be said, a desirable bargain and I'll bet Bridget Jones would be covetous of these! -

Right, joking aside, let's be serious, at first. I thought the loudspeaker in question was made near Monmouth at a place called.... Undy but no, the manufacturer was Undy - Werke of Frankfurt Germany.


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