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Do you think this advert from 1925 is good? - I know my American friend Pamz will just LOVE THIS for Adonis is her nickname for ME!
As we all know, Adonis is the perfect man, with a flawless physique, heart of gold and mind of steel, who makes hearts patter and gives girls butterflies in their stomachs with his presence. Hmmm, sounds like me but no references to toothpaste or dental floss!!!!!!!!!!!
In Greek myth, Adonis was the son of Myrrha who was turned into a myrrh tree for incestuousness and gave birth to Adonis whilst in the form of a tree.  Adonis grew into an astonishingly handsome young man, causing Aphrodite and Persephone to fight over him.
 Eventually, the boss of all gods, Zeus, decreed that Adonis would spend one third of the year in the underworld with Persephone, one third of the year with Aphrodite, and the final third of the year with whomever he chose. Adonis then chose to spend his final third of the year with Aphrodite as she was mega cute and didn't nag him to keep putting the toilet seat down.
Unfortunately, instead of having a pint and playing darts with the lads, Adonis went out on a hunting trip and got gored by a wild boar, eventually dying in Aphrodite's arms as she wept and his blood, mingled with her tears gave rise to the anemone flower.
There are paralells in my own life with Adonis' story for living with Mrs Mullard Magic  is a bit like living with  a goddess of the underworld, accompanied by  Mother - In - Law, The Honourable Dowager Duchess June - born in August  doing a passable imitation of the Gorgon!!
Here we have a statue of Adonis and it seems that apart from suffering a turbulent marital situation we share another attribute in the form of a small winkie - ahhhhh - I am an Adonis indeed.
Anyhow, enough winkie angst, what's the story with Adonis and Venus I hear you ask, well, Venus fell in love with Adonis  after one of Cupid's arrows hits her by mistake so she angles to get him to spend the final third of the year with her by going out hunting with him - I tried a similar thing with Mrs Mullard Magic in our courting days but for some reason she didn't like going to Radio Rallies, strange girl.    
Anyhow, Venus nagged Adonis to avoid the fiercer animals but as with most girl admonishments so it was with this one with her warning going into one ear and out the other which resulting in poor old Adonis getting a piercing that he didn't expect which was definitely not fashionable and ultimately fatal. Venus' last words to Adonis allegedly were "Oooh, that looks sore but I did tell you that could happen!"

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