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Posted by STEVE M on

Well, whatever did you think, shame on you.........

You know, it is said that there is nothing new in show business or advertising and here we have three photos just to prove this point.

Here we see Petula Clark in October 1950 at the Castle Bromwich Radio Show somewhat agog at the size of this 5 foot Mullard valve model: -


And this 'ad opportunity' was again exploited  with a young lady from  Chorley Wood College for Girls with Little or No Sight examining the same giant valve model at the London Science Museum in November 1950: -

But this wasn't a novel approach at all, because in 1927, Telefunken's Frau Traudl Schmink did it first - and her valve was 2 metres in height, what a whopper! : -

And then again her co-worker Frau Sabine Merkel did it with an even bigger transmitting valve during 1931! : -

And if that isn't enough,  GEC had a go with Dympna Morden's attempt from 1933: -

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