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Posted by STEVE M on

Well. its just under a month to the UK General Election and I wonder, are you sick of Bozza, Jezza and the rest of them?

If so then maybe you have electile dysfunction like me, however, fear not because I have the cure which involves going into the shack or shed and building something like this little jewel described in a magazine article dating from 1929:-

Yes, in just half an hour - providing you have bought the appropriate items from Mullard Magic, you could build this smashing little set and listen to the election results!

The 1929 UK general election was held on Thursday 30 May 1929, and resulted in a  hung parliament and was often referred to as the " Flapper Election"as it was the first election in which women aged 21–29 were allowed to vote.  Another first for the1929 election was the inclusion of the then newly formed Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru where a single candidate stood yet was not elected.

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