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I was chatting with my pal Alan Wyatt some time ago - you know him, the nice chap who runs the National Valve Museum and whilst we were chewing the fat on all things thermionic, our conversation meandered to the matter that there are very few photos of the Mullard big cheeses out there - what did they look like, does anyone know?  Alan has put a picture of the Captain on his website so I thought I would follow suit  but additionally also allow you to put names to other Mullard faces: -

OK, for our first line up above, we have, in the centre, 'Stan the man'  Captain S R Mullard, to the left, TE Goldup a Mullard Director and to the right LA Sawtell, another Mullard Director.     

Our second line up below shows, on the left SS Eriks (the Philips nominated head honcho who succeeded SR Mullard as MD soon after his departure in 1930) stood next to DM Hall the Mullard Service Director.

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