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Posted by STEVE M on

Its about time the thorn needle was changed and I upgraded t'hifi so I thought, should I go Koetsu black or Acos GP8.

In the end it was neither as I took the advice touted in the photo below from 1934 with a suitable magnet jimmied from a wardrobe catch - nifty huh?


I did find that 3M Scotch tape provided an extended sound stage over the 'three for a pound' cheap stuff from Home Bargains, however, the brittle contralto of Gertie Gitana hitting the high registers in Nellie Dean was sublime with the Home Bargains stuff.  I may paint the magnet with a green felt tip pen or affix a sign with the word BELT written in purple ink to see if I can gain further audible improvements as well as striking cosmetics!


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