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The headline message from this 1928 article must seem to have been written with a sense of prescience when viewed in the cold light of day some 92 years later.
In 2021, the average gas and electric bill in the UK in 2021 was £111.6 per month (or £1,339 per year or £334.8 per quarter, for those paying every 3 months). The average UK gas bill was £47.93 monthly (£143.80 per quarter). The average UK electric bill was £63.67 per month(£191.01 per quarter).   —but this is set to rise with the energy price cap increase in April 2022 hitting £164 per month for those paying by direct debit.  A whopping 47% rise!
Interestingly, energy costs account for approximately 5% of the  average UK household budget  - a similar level  to what the average UK household budget is for clothing and footwear.
Not to be outdone by Martin Lewis, Mr. Mullard Magic would also like to propose some energy saving tips: -
First of all, buy your replacement valves from Mullard Magic as they are all guaranteed to be low energy consumption ones.
Secondly, you could refrain from buying any new clothes, thus saving sufficient money - on average-to cover the hike in your electricity bill!  Failing that, you could always go to the local charity shop to get your fix of new (to you) clothes at a keen price.
Thirdly, as in fashion terms, what comes around, goes around, add extra layers of clothing thereby utilising that Bri-Nylon tank top lurking in the back of the wardrobe whilst keeping warm too......
Whatever you do, keep buying from Mullard Magic as we need the money to keep the electricity on as we are running out of shillings for the meter!!!!

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