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"Inevitable progress towards the common employment of miniature all glass valves has introduced many new problems for manufacturers and dealers."     This is what Mullard told us in late 1950 and they were referring of course to the introdution of the new (to the UK)  B9A valves and were concerned that this may happen once they came in general circulation:-

This wouldn't do at all so Mullard helpfully introduced three tools to aid service engineers and dealer personnel alike - these still resurface today and I have lost count of the number of times a bemused and inquisitive finder has asked me what these strange implements are.  And here we have a picture of the tool trio - any guesses what they are and what usage these might be put to? - 


Own up, who got it right... working clockwise, first we have the soldering jig which allows soldering to the valve bases to be carried out without causing distortion, next, a valve pin straightener and finally a rubber grip which when fitted over a valve envelope, would allow removal of the valve from it's base - handy when warm and buried deep in a chassis.

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