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During the 1950s, Mullard had an apprentice system, following your application and an interview with the Plant Training Officer you could perhaps secure a position - in 1953 from a candidate pool of 12 'boys,' three were selected to become Mullard apprentices - good odds eh?      During the 5 year apprenticeship, day release was given which could culminate in either the HNC or BSc in Radio Engineering.  After qualification, and 9 years of employment, the successful 'boy' having earned his spurs could become one of the monthly paid staff.

In the picture below you see a nice lady who was an 'apprentice nanny' - whether or not she clasped any of them to her bosom and fed them sulphur and treacle or syrup of figs whilst soothingly murmuring there, there, the Mullard apprentice dossier does not unfortunately record: - 

The world was a quite different place in 1953, Stalin had just died, the Royal yacht Britannia had just been launched, rationing of sugar in the UK ended and the first colour television went on sale in the USA for $1200 and here you see a newly apprenticed young chap hard at work at Mullard Mitcham.   He certainly flourished and then went on to become a director of a property management company in Chichester.    As an interesting aside, it may be that TPA Smith, the Mitcham training officer, seemed to like the name Michael for the 1951, 1952 and 1953 apprentices  all had the same christian name - MIchael.    Having said that, at the time, Michael was the 4th most popular male name for newborn children even though this wasn't the case when these chaps were born some 16-17 years earlier.     

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