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Posted by STEVE M on

Hopefully you will visit us here at Mullard Magic from time to time so please be sure to book mark us for your convenience.  That said, please be sure you input or capture the correct URL or else you may inadvertently visit our sister site Mallard Magic.


Now although this is a very nice site indeed, and  I am partial to the odd Muscovy Duck or even a Canada Goose.  Talking of Muscovy ducks, I bet you wish you had a charming twack of ducks like my friend Richard has, lovely  non-quacky little things they are too, and they live in a better house than I do too -  just go have a look at Richard's Duck 'All .

That said, I am afraid that Mallard Magic is not the correct place to visit if  you may be looking for a round Ekco - perhaps an A22, perhaps a Lancaster bomber radio such as the R1155 or thereagain  a GZ34, KT66 or perchance an ECC83 for your prized audiophile amplifier.

Remember when a similar problem happened to those meerkats.......... simples!

The owner of Mallard Magic is a nice chap and we have a mutual understanding where, he doesn't sell any valves and I will not sell any orange sauce.  

The owner of Mullard Magic is also a nice chap who isn't as well off as Mr Mallard and hence exhorts all his website visitors to spend, spend, spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to forget about mallards & go get some Mullards, well, you could go here or alternatively here - if you don't, well, you must be Quackers!!!!!!!


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