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The 1970's were the start of the fledgeling hifi industry, with big guns such as SME and Quad dominating the press with cerebral adverts.

Idly flicking through a few copies from that period, I was struck by the number of turntables with strange platter shapes, firstly from 1974 there was this jokey innovation from Thorens: -

Joking aside, lets start at the lower end of the market, who here remembers the Amstrad TP12 one of SIrAlans first forays into hifi again from  1976:-

I remember a contemporary review of this and it came out as quite a good performer even though you would expect the trilobal platter to have an ellipsoid vertical transition on its minimalist bearing - not one hand ground by Barlinnie and Gorbals virgins either!!!!!!

There again, in 1976, if you were a trilobal fan with a bit more class and wad of wonga you would probably plump for the Rega Planet.

I really must have a word with Terry Bateman about this stunner or maybe I'll just have to look it up in my personally signed seminal work 'Rega - A Vibration Measuring Machine.'

For those who preferred to stay in the circular mode then how about the Pickering Gyropoise - does anyone remember this Gyro? 

Of course another more desirable and even more famous Gyro didn't come out from Borehamwood until 1982 and I had to wait until 1990 for my own which I still own to this day, suitably upgraded to current standards.

Sticking with the circular theme and why stop at the platter - how about the Transcriptors Circular:_


A suitably stunning design but to me, trumped by the ultimate, the nearest to which I came to being a  Michel Hydraulic Reference with Unipivot arm which I foolishly sold to my then friend Mark Wilde in 1987.  Yes, you've got it, the stunningly magnificent and again by Transcriptors, the Skeleton: -

How I wish there were a skeleton in Mr Mullard Magic's cupboard!!!



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