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Today, we like the chic and quirky and who in the radio amateur world has not heard of the Tuna Tin 2 transmitter.  Designed in the 1970s, the late Doug DeMaw, W1CER/W1FB, ARRL Technical Editor, was one of several Headquarters staff who published homebrew projects, many with a QRP twist. One of the most popular projects was a simple, two-transistor 40-meter transmitter that used a tuna can as the chassis. 

 A series of events, some quite amazing, have come together to keep the magic alive—the original Tuna Tin 2, built in the ARRL Lab, is still on the air and articles, Web pages and kits are available for this famous rig. Some have dubbed the Tuna Tin 2 revival as “Tuna Tin 2 mania”—an apt term to describe the fun that people are still having with
this simple little weekend project.

So I hear you ask, is this the first time tuna and radio have been linked, well, actually, no, for that you have to go back 50 years prior to 1924 when this little baby was all the rage:-

What could be better than listening to your Tunafone whilst tucking into a tuna mayo sandwich - tinned, of course, pole & line caught from whole steaks preserved in olive oil or if you are minted then try the Ortiz Bonito del Norte Ventresca fillets.

Many health freaks and Slimmers World ( Fat-fighters) fans will chuff in indignant horror about using oil but drained properly such that any remaining oil adds a subtle unctuousness and tastiness to the sandwich filling and you will not go far wrong.  After all, what is the alternative?...   dubious grey chunks preserved in brine or spring water (whatever that is?) , beaughhhh bulp as my cat would say as a prelude to a weapons grade chunder up!!!!

Do look out for my future blog on Fat-fighters dogma versus actual facts on the human body's lipid needs.


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