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I did titter when I saw the above illustration from a 1950s comic book, what a treat to see the Man With an Electronic Brain and let me tell you, I have met and known a few numpties who would benefit from some electronic augmentation too.
But wait a minute, like me, are you thinking that the electronic brain looks rather similar?  Could it be... yes, I think it is, what do you think........?
Well beat me on the bottom with a copy of Radio Bygones magazine, that electronic brain bears more than a passing resemblance to the Defiant M900 radio, a "Holy Grail" piece for many collectors including myself.
For those that don't know, the Defiant radio brand was the in-house radio brand for the Co-operative Wholesale Company of Manchester, yes, the good old Co-op.  They made quite a few different radios under this brand but none as memorable and covetable as the M900 model, a TRF set which was marketed during 1935.
Interestingly the M900 sported  a  four valve line-up comprising of a Cossor AC/VP1, AC/S2, AC2/Pen & UU3 fitted to a custom chassis manufactured by Plessey.   This was fitted into the distinctive complex brown bakelite cabinet pressed by Ekco pressings.
Rarely seen and eminently desirable, I should love one of these to go with my round Ekco collection!

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