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Well, for  the 1953 Coronation we had a special issue of the Ultra Coronation Twin radio and its vital statistics are as follows:-

Ultra R786 Coronation Twin is a two waveband LW (1200 to 2000m), MW (200 to 550m) portable radio suitable for mains or battery operation. Controls: Left knob on/off/volume and the right knob for tuning centrally placed sliding switch for waveband select. This is a classic battery mains portable that typifies the design of Ultra in the 1950's. Launched to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Basic station listing with only one foreign station; Athlone. Housed in dark plum and cream Bakelite and plastic cabinet with a carrying handle on the top. Bakelite back on which is mounted the internal frame aerial hinges up by pressing on two lugs, whilst a further smaller compartment opens to reveal the mains cable with two-pin plug. Woven plastic speaker grille is accentuated by the central Ultra badge. UK 1954,. Original price £ 18-16-3 (including batteries). 

Size (approx): 30cm x 20cm x 14cm (w/h/d) Power: AC or DC Mains 235-250V, 215-234V, 200-214V 40/100 cps, or battery; H.T. 85 volts, L.T. 7.5 volts
Valve lineup (left to right, seen from the back) 1C2, 1F3, 1FD9 and 1P11.

Alas, there was no direct equivalent radio for the 2023 Coronation and  even though I am not a fervent or even luke-warm Royallist, I didn't want to substitute a cuntemperaneous photo of  a mental defective, protesting in a cheap T- shirt custom adorned by Vistaprint so please enjoy my alternative patriotic study in red white and blue instead:-


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