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Don't you just love this 1922 advert for a Parliphone loudspeaker made entirely from Ebonite to encapsulate an SG Brown drive unit.  It was unusual as it was a vertical radiator and one wonders whether or not it was tuned to give a sonic stage ala Amar Bose or even OP Lowther?
Some of you may wonder if Parliphone is around today or was it just a "flash in the pan" but no, 95 years later we have Parl - iPhone - a name for a range of Apple iPhone cases to fit all the way from iPhone4 to iPhone X but unfortunately not the same company.
Other of my blog readers will also remember the similarly named Parlophone, an Anglo-German concern established in 1896 that founded a British subsidiary in 1923 as the Parlophone Company Ltd .  In the early days it gained a reputation as a leading jazz record label and grew to release records by The Beatles, Cilla Black , the Carry On film's own Jim Dale - who here remembers  "Dick-a-Dum-Dum" -  AND NO, I AM NOT BEING RUDE -  and more recently,  Kylie Minogue (swoon) and Coldplay ( anguished shriek).
Whatever and whoever, I'll bet that their records sound good through a Parliphone!!!!!!!


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