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The Mullard High Speed Valve Tester was so simple to use anyone could use it.   Mullard made much of this in contemporary journals and here we see a photo from one of them in which a sweet young lady is delicately using a beastly Mullard High Speed Valve Tester.

But let's put sexist stereotypes aside for a moment and look instead at the reality of valve testing at Mullard in the 1950s - did you know that at the Mullard Service Department at Waddon, the majority of staff were 'wimmin' yes, really, and to prove it here, below,  I have photos of Doris Saxilby valve testing in the  Waddon labs.  Did you also know that at all times, when returned valves were actually on test, manualy dextrous operators such as these two pictured would be lightly tapping the valve with a leather covered hammer to reveal any intermittant faults - how stimulating. 

 Her best friend and bridesmaid, Mildred Dallymer can be seen in this photo checking for interelectrode shorts.

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