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As I bask in my Mother-In-Law, The Honourable Dowager Duchess June's drawing room, nursing a post Christmas hangover, my thoughts turned to some of my Christmas presents.    

Yes, we've all done it, received an ......... individual if not unique present and wondered how long it could be before consigning it to the charity shop  whilst in parallel bemoaning not getting what we really wanted.

And so it was with the present I received from the Fragrant and Most Delicious Fiona - hot stuff mega-totty friend of Mrs Mullard Magic who, knowing my predilection for vintage microphones, gave me... this (size: SMALL):-

I am bemused as to know what occasion  to wear this garment at - possibly a VMARS committee meeting although I have seen a knitted hat of a more appropriate design!!!!!!!!!  

As I regretfully set this treasured gift aside, I thought of a similar if not slightly more covetable vintage technology gift which I should like to receive as featured in this 1930 advertisement:-


The  object of wistful desire ( not the Fragrant and Most Delicious Fiona - hot stuff mega-totty friend of Mrs Mullard Magic) is of course the '200 Type'  pyramid shaped telephone introduced as a replacement for the 150 Type candlestick from 1929 onwards.  

And what a 200 Type - the clue is in the lack of a front code drawer so it must be an example of the first of the range, the Telephone 162 which contradicts the '200' part in the last statement.      The Telephone No. 162 was designed by Siemens Brothers and was the first bakelite cased telephone to be produced.   Extra confusingly, the 'Neophone' to use it's Siemens in house name, was available not just in black bakelite but also jade green urea-formaldehyde, chinese red urea-formaldehyde , ivory urea-formaldehyde & mottled brown  urea-formaldehyde

Like the preceding candlestick telephone, the 200 Type did not have an integral bell and a separate Bellset No. 25- could be fitted underneath the phone or if preferred, a remote wall mounted Bellset No. 1 or No. 25.

Can I have green one please?  I'll be a good boy, honest........ Fionaaaaaaa - GIVE ME ONE!

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