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Mrs Mullard Magic and I have survived 30 happy years of marriage by always considering and consulting each other, however, this is - and was not always the case with other couples .....   just look at this American advertisement from 1925, specifically penned to involve WOMEN in the choosing of radios

Always letting the woman have a say is very important and they should take note of this in France.... have you been following all the hoo-haa about the "Uritrottoir" where French ladies are incensed by the latest iteration of the famous Paris "pissoir".

It seems that hoardes of BPH challenged middle aged men have been roaming the various Arrondisements indulging in an orgy of "Pipi Sauvage".  Mrs Mullard Magic is very familiar with Eau Sauvage which although looking similar, smells somewhat differently!!   Anyhow, in order to combat this problem, a French design agency has designed, manufactured and installed  the  €3,000 per unit, Uritrottoir throughout Paris.  These  eco-friendly and odour-free urinals are filled with a treated straw absorbent substrate which stores captured micturate in a block of dry material which can then be turned into compost which then can be used to fertilise the famous Gamay vines used to make the famed and distinctively flavoured Beaujolais wine.

Unfortunately, no-one asked the ladies who have been assiduously stamping their displeasure by filling these devices with fence-post concrete and slapping things with wings on the side!   Sacre Bleu indeed.

Sometimes, asking the ladies can backfire, a friend of mine, an acquisitive collector of all things radio, once asked his wife what she thought to his radio collection.   She stamped her foot, stated that she had suffered in silence for 10 years and issued the ultimatum that its was the radios or her.  He now has an even larger collection of radios in every room of his house and his ex-wife is happy working at CAB and has set up house with her new wife who, like my friend curiously is also called George!!

My last word would be - just look at this Uritrottoir - doesn't it make a very striking plant pot indeed? 




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