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Posted by STEVE M on

Greetings fellow radio and thermionic people!   Here I am finding myself sated with turkey and Christmas pud in a state of mellifluous fugue after hitting the seasonal sweet sherry so I thought I would write a blog entry.

Talking of seasonal fugue, my Mother in Law, the Honourable Dowager Duchess June, even after mine & Mrs Mullard Magic's 30 years of marriage STILL hasn't learnt the error of her ways in forcing me to eat a plateful of sprouts every year on this very day.   As if these things aren't terrible enough, they certainly are after being boiled for 5 hours, the mercaptans and thiols that they contain having a terrible effect on me hence my banishment to the library with a large glass of crusted tawny, some ripe Stilton and a few Bath Olivers slathered with Guerande Normandy butter to write you this blog entry whilst populating the Kellim with crumbs for M-I-L to hoover on Boxing Day!

Did you enjoy the Call the Midwife Christmas special, I did as it was more heartwarming than seeing the bouffant 12th (and worst ever) Doctor disappear from our screens.  Why, well because of thermionic content, just look at this screen grab: -

Although we have tinsel camoflage, we can clearly see that this console TV is a Ekco TC267: - 

And what a bang up to date for 1955 toy this is, boasting TV Channels 1-9 plus a handy Band II VHF radio with the picture displayed on a 17 inch Mazda CRT and a complement of Mazda  valve all albe to be powered by AC/DC mains to suit your pre National Grid local town electrickery supply wherever you were!



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