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Jon Pertwee was such an interesting chap that most of us know as the Third Doctor Who and indeed, for those of a certain age, myself included, he is considered the best of the Doctors with the exception of Bill Hartnell.   But before the fame that came from running round with Jo Grant and then Sarah-Jane, he had a very interesting life indeed.

Did you know that he had been a crew member aboard HMS Hood  but was transferred off the ship for officer training shortly before her fateful voyage when she was sunk by a direct hit from the German battleship Bismarck.  Following completion of officer traning, he worked alongside Ian Fleming for the Naval Intelligence Division in training commandos in escape and evasion techniques.

After the war, he took up a career in radio broadcasting and was soon feted for his versatile and distinctive voice which went on to land him many stage and television parts, particularly in childrens programmes.  Somehow, amidst all this he even found time to marry Rose from Upstairs Downstairs but I suppose with him gadding off to spout about Yorrick et al and with her always having to sort M'lord out, they divorced after five years.

The video shown below dating from 1964, screens a most wonderful Mullard product placement film in which the talents of Jon are showcased as a radio struck lothario with a penchant for jitterbug dancing alongside his Jaguar XK150 in which his dance partner curiously looks like a young version of my Mother in Law, hey, just a minute....... Mrs. Mullard Magic was born in 1964..... what a coincidence(!).  And now I think I know where the inspiration for the Sea Devils came from - tee hee!!

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