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Coils for TRF sets are an interesting thing from the early days of radio and one enterprising manufacturer, Igranic labelled their coils with the epithet "What are the wild waves saying".

Today of course we think of this as a romantic imagining of those radio waves oscillating through the air and coming into the house through that gap under the pantry door.

But, in actuality, this isn't the case because this tag line was an early example of "celebrity marketing", you know the sort of thing, an aftershave named after a "celebrity" so that the aspirational can emulate the smell of their idol's armpits after they have been relieved of a wedge of wonga.  In this case however, the tag line was taken from a contemporary song whose memory has dimmed with the mists of time, but fear not, for I have resurrected it's memory and present the full lyrics for you here: -

What are the wild waves saying?
As They roll upon the shore
What are the wild waves saying?
As they roll in more and more
They seem to say 'I adore you
And I want your love to share'
They seem to say that I love you
Ku'uipo, do you care?

Remember that evening as we sat by a lagoon
Singing sweet love songs beneath the Hawaiian moon
It was just like heaven, it thrilled me through and through
As I heard the wild waves are saying, 'dear, I love you.'

For those of you who would like to possess a recording of this fine song, well, you won't find it on iTunes, and the Deezer Geezer and Louisa cannot help you, HMV or Amazon will not have the CD either so.... your only hope is to find a record, fit a new thorn needle to the sound box and wind up your gramophone and live it large.

The 78 you need to find is : Ray Kinney with Lani McIntire and His Hawaiians (Decca 25090B)


If your interest leans more towards finding a nice set of TRF coils, you could do far worse than to end your search on this site!



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