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"It's a bead condenser, model AB 619 with a breakdown voltage of 33,000 volts.


Following on from my recent lighthearted posting in my capacitor sales section, I had a customer anxiously enquiring where he could buy the featured capacitor : -

"It's a bead condenser, model AB 619. It has a breakdown voltage of 33,000 volts. A diamond drill won't touch it. It comes from a mysterious vendor called Electronics Service, Unit No. 16. There's no charge and no return address. The catalog pages are made of some kind of metal."

These famous words are of course from the landmark sci-fi film, This Island Earth from 1955 directed by  Joseph Newman & Jack Arnold.   Based on a novel by Raymond F Jones of the same name  which was originally published in the magazine  Thrilling Wonder Stories  as three related novelettes: "The Alien Machine" in the June 1949 issue, "The Shroud of Secrecy" in December 1949, and "The Greater Conflict" in February 1950.  The film starred Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue and Rex Reason.  

Buoyed by the apparent popularity of the AB 619, we are now thinking about stocking Interocitor kits too!



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