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  • 1931
  • Paul Taylor and business partner Edward Lavington invented the “Pamphonic Electrical Reproducer”
  • Pamphonic install amplifier systems in the London Coliseum Theatre and Drury Lane theatre.


  • 1932
  • Pamphonic Reproducers incorporated as a limited company and the trademarks Pamphonic and Paramphonic are  registered
  • Pamphonic install a public address system at White City stadium, Empire Pool Wembley.
  • Pamphonic launch the “Standard Pamphonic Reproducer” comprising of a Marconi Pickup, Garrard Induction Deck and  Epoch loudspeaker.
  • Keith Prowse appointed as “sole concessionaire” for Pamphonic Reproducers. 


  • 1938
  • Pamphonic introduce the 516 Moving Coil Microphone
  • Pamphonic introduce the 520 Carbon microphone



  • 1946/47
  • Pamphonic introduce the601A 25W PA Amplifier. (3x SP41, 2x EL35, 2x FW4/500). .
  • Pamphonic introduce the 601B 25W PA amplifier. (3x EF37, 2x EL34, 2x IW4/500).
  • Pamphonic introduce the 602/A 50W “Transportable Amplifiers” (PA). (2x EF37A, EF37, ECC35, 4x EL37, 2x GZ32). 
  • Pamphonic offer joint branded PA Equipment with Pye .


  • 1947
  • Pye Ltd acquired 51% of Pamphonic Reproducers Ltd and provided futher cash for expansion.


  • 1952
  • Pamphonic introduce the 15W “Westmoreland” single cabinet record player. 
  • Pamphonic itroduce the 1002 Amplifier 25W Ultralinear, 0.05% distortion (ECC83, ECC81, 2x KT66, GZ32)
  • New sales offices and showroom opened in Stratton Street, Mayfair.
  • “Pam” name started to be used for some Pye-sourced equipment, including TVs.
  • Edgar Lavington assists Pye to launch their Pamphonic-designed PF9i amplifier and PF9iA preamplifier. 1955
  • Pye acquire the outstanding 49% of Pamphonic, establishing Paul Taylor as MD.


  • 1956
  • Pye designed and launched the Pam 710 transistor radio. The first British all-transistor radio. 


  • 1957
  • 2001 24W HiFi Amplifier 0.05% distortion at 15W. £29. 8s (ECC81, ECC83, 2x KT66, GZ32).or (6L6G, 12AX7, 12AT7, 5V4)


  • 1958
  • Pamphonic introduce the  602W 50W Professional PA amplifier. (EF86, ECC81, ECC83, 2x KT88, GZ34)
  • Pamphonic introduce the 603W 100W Professional PA amplifier. (EF86, ECC82, ECC81, 2x EY84, 2x KT88, GZ34)
  • Pamphonic assist Pye in the first UK demonstration of Stereo record reproduction by supplying  Pamphonic 3000 amplifier and speakers.


  • 1959
  • Edward Lavington leaves Pamphonic.


  • 1961
  • Pye-Ling founded as joint venture with Ling-Temco-Vought of USA to consolidate vibration equipment product line manufacture (Royston, Herts).


  • 1965
  • Pamphonic and Pam brands no longer marketed for sale. 



This Pamphonic company history information was reproduced here  by kind permission of Jeremy Owen - for more information on Pamphonic products, please visit  


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