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  • Marconi-Osram Valve Co

    • 1919 Marconi-Osram Valve Company formed as company owned jointly by GEC and Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co; it took over GEC's valve factory.
    • 1920 Name of company changed to M-O Valve Co[.
    • 1920 Jan. Physical and Optical Societies Exhibition. Exhibited wireless telegraphy.
    • 1927 Recorded as being a subsidiary of GEC
    • 1929 Gramophone Co acquired Marconiphone Co as well as Marconi's share in M-O Valve
    • Continued to supply valves to Marconi.
    • 1956 GEC purchased EMI's share in the M-O Valve company.
    • 1969 Formation of GEC Electronic Tubes to bring together M-O Valve and English Electric Valve Co, a company which would have half of UK valve production, the largest specialised valve manufacturer outside USA
    • The famous Hammersmith manufacturing plant - where U52, KT66 KT88 rubbed shoulders is shown in the B&W photo above.
    • The shadow factory at Shaw is shown i  the colour photo above.

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