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Amperex of 79 Washington Street in Brooklyn, New York

Amperex were acquired by the giant Dutch firm, Phillips in 1955 or so. Phillips continued to enlarge the transmitting valve plant in New York, but also used the Amperex name to distribute their line of Dutch made B9A valves, (ECC81 82 83) to feed the booming U.S. Hi-Fi market. and many classic American hifi brands such as Marantz, Fisher, Scott, amongst others, owe a large part of their quality sound to Amperex valves.   

Amperex took a key role in developing the ECF82; E88CC and 7308 frame grid tubes in 1958. Using the trade logo 'Bugle Boy', Amperex valves, like Mullard developed a fine reputation for  noise acuity, a ful , balanced sound, inky black background noise floor, and great sound staging.

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