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Herbert Terry of Redditch, Worcestershire. Telephone: Redditch 61 (6 lines). Telegraphic Address: "Springs, Redditch". (1937)

  • Established 1855.
  • 1900s Herbert Terry, the founder of Herbert Terry and Sons, began a winding spring business in a terraced house in Redditch in the early 1900s, which very quickly progressed to Terry acquiring its first premises.
  • 1913 Private company.
  • 1917 Advert for spring and presswork. 
  • 1919 Advert for spring and presswork service.
  • 1932 George Carwardine, an automotive engineer by trade, began developing a light which involved the balancing of an incandescent light bulb in three planes of movement.
  • 1933 George took the designs of his lamp to Herbert Terry and Sons in order to make the special springs needed for the lamp. The design was viewed as having a great deal of potential and so Terry's licenced the design from George and began to manufacture the Anglepoise 1208, in 1933, which used 4 springs.
  • 1933 Company made public.
  • By 1935, the lamp was a huge success and a light design was needed for a more domestic application, so the 3 spring Anglepoise 1227 was born. This product is viewed by many as the classic Anglepoise.
  • 1937 British Industries Fair Advert for 'Anglepoise' Lamps. Anglepoise Mirrors. Springs for all purposes. Wirework. Presswork. Automatic Machined Parts. Flexible Shaft. Cycle, Motor Cycle, Motor Accessories. Spring Foot-rests. Sculling Exercisers. Chest Expanders. Ironmongery. Drain Cleaners. Washers. (Hardware, Ironmongery and Brass foundry/Farm and Garden Equipment Section - Stand No. B.520).
  • 1937 Springs and presswork specialities.
  • 1939 See Aircraft Industry Suppliers
  • 1949 Advert. Valve springs.
  • 1961 Manufacturers of springs, presswork, cycle, motor cycle and motor car accessories, flexible shafting, cable mechanisms, "Angelpoise" lamps, cycle saddles. 1,200 employees.
  • 1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Accessories.
  • Today, Anglepoise still retains members of the Terry family as part of their management team and the light focuses on it design heritage

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