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  • Dynatron radio manufacturers, of Maidenhead.

    1927 Ron and Arthur Hacker, who were brothers and self taught, started their own radio manufacturing company in a room above their father's grocery shop in Maidenhead using their father's name, H. Hacker. The trade name adopted was Dynatron; they produced high quality, technically advanced radios in beautiful cabinets.

    1934 Ether Emperor 17 valve radiogram sold for 130 guineas

    1936 The company name was changed to Dynatron Radio Ltd.

    1937 With Keates and Co established Keates-Hacker Co with the aim of producing 'the finest possible set regardless of cost, and embodying a standard of quality never before attempted'.

    WWII Produced airborne guidance systems for the R.A.F. The company expanded from 70 to 160 employees.

    1953 Manufacturer of TV sets [1]

    1954 the company was taken over by Ekco; the Hacker brothers stayed on as joint managing directors.

    1959 the Hacker brothers left to set up Hacker Radio company.

    1960 Ekco merged with Pye

    1967 A major interest in Pye was acquired by Philips

    1981 Philips sold Dynatron Radio to Roberts Radio.

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