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Dubilier Condenser Co (1925) of Ducon Works, Victoria Road, North Acton, London, W3. Telephone: Chiswick 2241-2-3. Cables: "Hivoltcon, London". (1929)

Ditto Address. Telephone: Acorn 2241 (5 lines). Telegraphic Address: "Hilvoltcon, 'Phone, London". (1937)

Ditto Address and Telephone. Cables: "Hivoltcon, London", Marconi International Code. (1947)

  • 1921 Dubilier Condenser Co Ltd formed - Manufactured capacitors for radar, radio, and television, and EMC filters.

  • 1925 Dubilier Condenser Co (1925) Ltd established as a public company to take over company of the same name

  • 1929 British Industries Fair Advert for Components and Condensers for radio receivers and transmitters. Also Power Factor Improvement, Power Line Protection, Laboratory Use, and for all other purposes; Components for Radio Receivers; Portable Radio-gramophone Sets, etc. (Wireless Section Stand No. MM.50)

  • 1937 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Condensers for Power Factor Correction Radio Transmitting and Industrial Purposes. Voltage Regulators and Rheostats. (Stand Nos. Cb.819 and Cb.718)

  • 1940 October - Works badly damaged during the Battle of Britain Campaign of World War II.

  • 1947 British Industries Fair Advert for Capacitors for every Radio, Radar, Electrical, Electronic and Industrial Purpose. Capacitors with Miac, Metallised Mica, Ceramic, Paper, Oil and Gas Dielectrics. High Stability, Insulated, Variable and Wire Bound Resistors. (Music and Radio Section - Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand No. C.1525)

  • 1961 Manufacturers of electrical condensers and other equipment for electrical power transmission and radio and television industry.

  • 1981 Bought by MPE (Modern Precision Engineers) and became


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