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Telegraph Condenser Co (TCC), manufacturers of condensers and other electrical and electronic components, of Wales Farm Road, North Acton, London, W3. Telephone: Chiswick 4884. Cables: "Telefarad, Act, London". (1929)

  • 1906 S. G. Brown formed the Telegraph Condenser Co to manufacture and market his inventions.
  • 1929 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Condensers for wireless transmission and reception, telegraph, telephone, and cable work. Condensers for all smoothing purposes, including battery eliminators, mains units, and high frequency condensers of mica and paper dielectric. (Stand No. MM.46).
  • 1933 The Telegraph Condenser Co expanded; the business was turned into a public company; Alice Brown made sure that she and her husband retained full financial and managerial control.
  • 1943 S. G. Brown retired and sold his interest in the Telegraph Condenser Co to a syndicate.
  • 1961 Manufacturers of electrical condensers, ceramic bodies for certain types of capacitors, fuses and insulating materials. 2,500 employees


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