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Since 1947, Rogers of England has been synonymous with quality audio equipment.Through creativity and innovative ideas, founder Jim Rogers produced a succession of consistently improved and refined systems.

An early example was the Rogers Theatrical Horn Loudspeaker which proved to be both commercially and acoustically successful and established Rogers as a reliable and innovative manufacturer of quality equipment. In the early 70s, Rogers was commissioned by the B.B.C. to produce the legendary LS3/5A. Some 50,000 pairs have been built worldwide to date. Meanwhile, LS 5/8 and LS 5/9 Grade One Studio Monitors are exclusive Rogers/B.B.C. designs and have been readily accepted in recording studios worldwide!

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, Rogers brought out the LS 3/5a model, the Studio range and the LS series. These proved to be extremely popular and enabled the company to develop into the organization known today. The 1990s saw the introduction of the remarkable P series, the new Studio range and the LS series.

Since 1993, Rogers became part of the Wo Kee Hong Group. Through this group's vast worldwide network, strong financial background and modern management, Rogers entered into a new era and brought out the revolutionary AB-1 model which took the '95 Las Vegas WCES Audio Exhibition Innovations Award. Looking towards the future, Rogers will continue to strive for excellence to produce even better and more innovative audio equipment.


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