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  • The British Pilot Company

    In 1936, the British Pilot Company began producing sets with both imported and locally produced parts. For the first three years, British sets closely resembled those produced by the American Company. However, some tube-type changes (metal tubes not then being available for replacement purposes in Britain) and steps to save on cabinet costs had to be implemented.

    The American Pilot Company

    1925 Original company formed to supply kits and parts. 
    1927 Introduction of the "Wasp" shortwave set. 
    1928 Publication of the magazine Radio Design. Introduction of the "Super Wasp." 
    1929 Introduction of the "AC Super Wasp." Acquisition of Speed Tube Corp.; production of low-noise Type 227 tubes. 
    1930 First factory wired set, the "Midget." 
    1931 First Double Superhet, the "SuperWasp" cathedral. 
    1933 Bankruptcy in the depth of the Depression. 
    1934 Formation of the new company in Long Island City, New York. 
    1936 Formation of a British branch, Park Royal Road, London. 
    1940 Shutdown of all commercial activities for the duration of the war in Britain. 
    1942 Shut down of all commercial activities for the duration of the war in U. S. 
    1942-1945 War production of Lend-Lease sets to USSR and China. 
    1946 Postwar FM tuner, cheap but adequate. 
    1947 Postwar TV, first one under $100. 
    1948 Component hi-fi products on the market. 
    1949 Emerson buys large interest in company. 
    1950 Production of consumer market sets ceases. 
    1962 Founder (Isidor Goldberg) passes away. 
    1963 Emerson buys out company and dissolves it.

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